Pico PV for Haiti

Pico PV products are small plug & play solar products. Pico PV products range from solar lanterns, with one LED lamp and/or an option for a cell charger, to small "solar home systems" with several lights, a cell charger and other small appliances. These products, which retail for $20 to $200, offer an opportunity for people to gain basic energy access.

The Haitian people are in great need of access to electricity for basic needs such as lighting and communications. The country's electrical infastructure is very limited; there is no electrical service for seven out of the ten million inhabitants. We receive support from our partner, the US based non-profit Energy Access Foundation to build our delivery capacity to empower and serve Haitian women entrepreneurs across the border.

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We import Pico PV products and in partnership with Haitian women entrepreneurs distribute these products into Haiti. The solar products they distribute reduce their clients' expenses while providing clean , quality lighting to improve their children's health and education

Solar Lanterns in Dominican Republic

If you live in the Dominican Republic your family can benefit from one of these solar lanterns. Contact us so you're able to get your hands on one of these great products. These lanterns can help give you a reliable source of light and the ability to charge your cell phone when the electric grid is out.  Children can study at night while learning about a clean source of power. 

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