Grid-Tied Photovoltaic (PV) systems


Educational Services


Solarwave has a commitment to developing and implementing solar projects that result in a positive social impact, especially for children. The projects include solar PV systems to supply clean power as well as back-up power as needed to assure reliable electricity. In these projects we also include educational "charlas" or lectures that increase children’s understanding of the solar technology and how that helps to solve the energy/environmental problems facing their country and all of humanity. 

Children are the future. With an understanding of sustainable energy they can lead the path to a brighter future. Our hope is to inspire children to learn more and/or pursue a career in sustainable energy. 

Please see some of the projects that we have developed in collaboration with partners below.



The  school is located in the community of Bella Vista, Sosua in the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This project supported the installation a 4kW hybrid solar PV system. The system provides a source of back-up power for priority loads when the utility power is out.  This grid-tied system lowers electrical consumption from the utility grid when the power is on. In addition to providing a valuable clean energy system, the project offers the benefit of sustainable energy education. This included the opportunity for the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) solar engineering students to participate in the installation in a one-week service learning activity. This collaboration offered a field education opportunity for the UML students, as well as an international exchange for the local technicians, and the Bella Vista students.


Bella Vista School Solar Project


The project will be an ongoing demonstration of PV technology to power computers and other needs, while also incorporating educational presentations for the students.

Partners for this project

Mustard Seed Solar Project


The system size for this project is 22.5 kW. It has 90 Trina solar modules of 250w and three inverters that are interconnected with the electrical grid. Solar panels at this facility enable them to lower electricity bills and therefore spend their funds on their childrens' programs.


Mustard Seed serves children in the small town of Cangrejo in the north coast of Dominican Republic. They provide residential care to children with disabilities, many of whom had been abandoned.

Partners for this Project


Mariposa Center Solar Project

The Mariposa DR Foundation provides educational and empowerment activities for Dominican and Haitian girls to create sustainable solutions to end generational poverty. This project is a 10kW hybrid PV system that has 44 solar modules and two inverters. One inverter is a 5kW Solectria inverter that receives electricity from 24 solar modules and injects this electricity into the electrical grid. The other inverter is 3.6kW hybrid Outback that receives electricity from the other 20 solar modules to charge a bank of batteries. The batteries provide back-up power for priority loads during power outages or it can inject electricity into the electrical grid.

Partners for this Project

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The Mariposa Center solar project also has an educational component so that the girls can become knowledgeable in sustainable energy and maybe become energy leaders!

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